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Policarbonate Downlight  Pro series ref. 01181

Policarbonate Downlight Pro series ref. 01181

A new feature in the PRO series is the reference 01181, an elegant luminaire with a high luminous efficiency that looks perfect in any space, both commercial and domestic and also it's perfect to install in all types of removables roofs, technical ceilings, plaster and plasterboard. Its 70mm height made it specially for narrow ceilings.  

It's a Downlight made of polycarbonate with a metalized reflector in high vacuum, designed and manufactured in Barcelona (Spain). Available in Led version (ref. 01181), Led Seoul technology.

Its low illuminace and its low index glare give perfect lighting and a large visual comfort

Other features included are: 2000 LM lamp, Dimmable Edge Cut optional, CRI = 80 / UGR < 19, 3000º / 4000ºK, 20.000 hours & 2 years garanty. There is the option of different Led colour temperatures and colours (white, black and grey). Specially designed for public building requiring glowwire testing of 850º.