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Infinity: make a continuous light with no breaks

With its pure shapes, pared-down sizes and wide variety of finishes, the INFINITY light fitting design encompasses light into architecture.

This architectural lighting system incorporates the latest LED technology produced by European manufacturers using the Zhaga protocol to find the very best solution.

INFINITY offers you recessed, surface and pendant solutions. They can be used for any type of continuous or individual installation (vertical, horizontal or a combination of the two). In addition, we can offer different finishes (frame and trimless) and accessories (hangings and bases up to 1,5 m and 2,5 m).

Furthermore, in horizontal installations using pendant versions, this means we can use direct and indirect lighting in the same fitting.



In addition, you can decide to use these standard models or, if you prefer, a custom-built configuration (Infinity System) using a configurator:, available January 2015.

Its main concept is creating seamless continuous light.

In this custom-made version there is also the possibility of integrating an electrified track for including projectors from BCN series.


With or without? (Frame vs Trimless)

In the frame version, the extruded aluminium profile does have a backing wing.

In the trimless version, the extruded aluminium profile does not have a backing wing.



• Extruded aluminium
• Available in white, black and grey
• Width: 40mm
• Variety of lengths: 570, 850, 1130, 1410 and 1970 mm
• Drivers: electronic or DALI
• 2 colour temperatures: 830 and 840
• Different applications:
- Frame (recessed)
- Trimless (surface, recessed and pendant).
• Two versions: Direct light / direct + indirect light
• LED High Out put and LED Low Out put (high flow and low flow)
• LED board with Zhaga format and high efficiency LEDs:
- 12 LEDs: 2965 lm/m - 134 lm /W
- 22 LEDs: 5445 lm/m - 134 lm /W
• 3-step McAdams
• Custom-built configuration (INFINITY SYSTEM)



• Shopping centers
• Hotels
• Offices / Halls
• Private homes
• Retail