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Nexia LED

Nexia is a Spanish company based in Barcelona, mainly working on innovation in LED lighting. Nexia provides high efficiency lighting throughout its range from spotlights to downlights, highlighting a new LED particularly for food and retail. LED lighting provides a whole host of solutions: domestic, commercial, industrial, office, hotel, retail, food, restaurants, leisure, educational...and any other project you may be interested in, because Nexia is specialized in custom-made products to meet any lighting needs. Love for Lighting!

"Nexia lighting is a company designing and

manufacturing technical LED lighting; it takes several

years of investing in this technology."

Installation security

LED lamps run at low voltage and generate minimum heat so they are safer to install and use on a daily basis.

Greater heat and mechanical resistance on impact

LED lamps withstand great vibration and temperature variations, assuring lighting continuity. LED lamps are not as fragile as standard light bulbs and do not break easily.

Fast response

LED lights switch on and off immediately, undiminished by the number of times the LED is activated. This offers a major advantage over any other lighting device in motion-activated systems. LEDs also offer the possibility of unlimited switching on and off, without affecting performance and operation.

Versatility in applications

Currently, LED lighting technology is found in practically all applications (downlights, light bulbs, floodlights, spots, tubes, strips, etc.) as they can replace standard incandescent light bulbs and fluorescent lights.

They can be adjusted (for intelligent applications)

We can control the amount of light using the input voltage (in some LEDs), thereby saving energy and providing controlled lighting. LED technology for intelligent lighting systems is far superior to all the others, both indoors and outdoors. For this application, LEDs are ideal for situations requiring dimmers, timers, motion sensors, etc. As well as saving energy, dimming helps to lengthen LED life spans, as opposed to other lamps.

Innovative lighting designs

LED lighting is focused on a light bundle with uniform brightness for any type of environment. It offers wide range of innovative light fitting designs that maximize lighting systems' performance. Being so small means they can be used for an infinite number of geometric lighting designs.