Lighting control

It is already a fact that when we talk about accent lighting this leads to precise light control, which is increasingly a trend that will remain in the lighting sector.

We use the term light control when, through rigorous research and development, we reduce residual lighting through accessories and technical components specifically lighting the space or object required. Sectors such as museums, retail, jewellery, among others seek to highlight their product through light.

NEXIA launches to the market MOON, a new spotlight with octagonal shape that is designed to provide light control. In order to reproduce the control and precision of the light we have incorporated to this new spotlight sculptural lenses designed to complete your project with the highest lighting rigor required.  By optimally using the output of the luminous flux together with the technical reflectors, we allow the flux to be placed in the desired place with a precise optical configuration avoiding glare. This control allows us to increase the efficiency of the fixture by reducing energy costs.

NEXIA offers this new solution, achieving layouts that allow us to adapt the light to the dimensions of the spaces, as well as to the dimensions and shape of the exposed objects.

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