NEXIA in Casa Decor 2019

NEXIA is present everywhere that aims to create experiences through light. Casa Decor is a clear example of this iniciative. Prescription is increasingly present in the market and NEXIA is a reference trademark for architects and designers.


DISAK STUDIO, together with Cristina Remírez de Ganuza and Jerome Le Fouillé are a design studio founded in 2007 located in Madrid. They carry out national and international projects. As they explain, the mixture of cultures makes their work have great contrasts, personality and different styles. Hand by hand with DISAK we have the opportunity to present our product in Casa Decor, in the 54th edition, within a space Kitchen – Dining Room “Sexto Sentido” – Whirlpool Space.


CASA DECOR is an international benchmark that sets new trends in architecture and interior design. From 24 January to 10 March, the exhibition opens to the public a historic building in the centre of Madrid, specifically at 86 Núñez de Balboa Street, in the Salamanca neighbourhood.

This space accommodates the best interior designers, decorators, architects, landscape designers and artists, as well as companies from the habitat, retail, luxury and high-end sectors where the different interior design and lifestyle firms are present.

Its main objective is to approach the work of professionals through this sensory and pleasant experience. We have a unique opportunity to promote our products in a space that gives priority to design and healthy light.


NEXIA plays a fundamental role, since it is not only a manufacturer of technical and architectural lighting, but also gives the possibility of adapting and personalizing the products in the space in order to integrate the lighting in the interior design of a residence.


The studio DISAK STUDIO, created a space focused on the modern kitchen, open, which connects with the living room without any architectural barrier that prevents communication between one space and the other. Currently, one of the most used spaces in our homes is the kitchen. For this reason, NEXIA applies a specific and accent lighting, where the exquisite materials that generate a greater warmth and visual comfort to the space are enhanced. The product used in this area is the BCN 30 AIR, a product which allows customization of colors and easy adaptation to the design of your space. Our company is characterized by its constant application of new ideas and designs. For this event, since a special design was required to maintain harmony with the environment, we opted to apply a special finish in copper color. There is also the possibility to highlight the BCN 30 with the rings of different color to give a distinctive and unique touch to your kitchen. In the areas of passage of inside the kitchen our product has been used: SQUARE M. This product is thought for projects in which we do not have false ceilings and we have to adapt placing surface luminaries. The SQUARE also allows us to customize reflectors with colors to give that decorative point to the environment. Another exhibited product is our PAW, a versatile product because it is multifunctional and can serve both as a mini spotlight and downlight, giving the space more prominence.



For this reason, beyond a traditional kitchen, it reflects a living space where wood materials play, with its rich textures that combine with Whirlpool appliances and at the same time highlights elegance, technology, and most importantly, design.

On the other hand, we find the lounge area where NEXIA products have also been exhibited. It is one of the areas where a fresh and welcoming space is achieved. In this place, we have used our new octagonal projector, the MOON. This product has a very architectural and exclusive design. In this way we are able to highlight the living room, providing it with greater sobriety and innovation.


The LED strips are an important part in the lighting of a home, as they create a relaxed and subtle mood giving value to the details of the space.

All the lighting in the space was specially designed to highlight exposed materials such as wood and fabrics. That’s why we decided to use a CRI>90 and warm tones.

This is one of the cases in which our goal is to seek new projects and collaborations where we can contribute all our knowledge and continue to grow with our passion, lighting.

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